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Ati Marga
A School for the Art of Living

"The brave aspire,
the wise will not lose heart;
I see myself as
I had wished to be"

- JA. i, 267

About Atimarga:
Atimarga is a school for the art of living. It reveals a path, both ancient and modern. It is ancient in the sense that all beings that have attained awakening in the past have traversed its equivalent. It is modern in the sense that each of us must begin from our preset moment of experience. The path leads from the particular to the universal. Each being is a singular point of reference in the totality of the universe. We are a point of view in a sea of infinite viewing points. The path leads the individual from the particular to totality.

From this perspective it is clear that there are an infinite number of ways in which totality can be experienced. What is presented on this website is one possibility. It can be helpful in that, due to the wisdom of the Buddha, it is a complete path. Each person begins from his or her unique context. There are, however, laws that govern the evolution of consciousness and these must be fulfilled for the individual to realise totality. You will choose from a variety of vehicles to travel the path. However, whether it is science, sports, music, art, meditation or contemplation each individual must undergo the discipline of that particular vehicle. Without discipline, we cannot cultivate the vast potential present in the human form. This manifests from a state of love. It is not possible to utilize any vehicle for the realisation of totality without love being present. To put it simply, if you do not love the process of your unfoldment and hence yourself you will never have enough energy to fulfill the human potential. It was succinctly put by the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche when he said, ‘Our task in this life is to learn to love and then love to learn.’ With this overview in mind we present Atimarga, a school for the art of living. We hope that it will inspire many to begin the process of questioning and investigating the nature of reality.